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So what are your personal goals?

A healthy lifestyle, getting back to exercise after injury or a long break, improving quality of life while dealing with a variety of medical conditions? Losing weight, improving self-image and self-confidence, or starting out on the exercise route for the first time?. Perhaps your first ever Fun Run or Triathlon or Charity Bike Ride, or are you a regular competitor looking for a new PB or looking for a new challenge but not sure how to train, fuel etc?

How can I help you?

I am a teacher, British Triathlon Level 3 Coach, British Triathlon Coach Tutor, L4 Personal Trainer, Natural Running Coach, CHEK certified Core Stability trainer & L4 Lower Back Pain & Exercise Instructor along with introductory Sports Injury Rehab and I combine all of the above in my work as a Trainer and Coach.

If you're finding it difficult to juggle work, home, kids and training then I can help structure a plan that will help accommodate what life throws at you .


British Triathlon L3 Coach & Coach Tutor
IRONMAN Certified Coach
Triathlon Swim Coach (Pool and Open Water)
Natural Running Coach
L4 Personal Trainer

Although a teacher by profession (French & PE) my worklife now revolves around all things Triathlon.


I am a British Triathlon Federation L3 Triathlon Coach and a Coach Tutor. I divide my time between :

* 2 Triathlon Clubs, coaching adults

* 2 Schools, coaching the Cross-Country team in the winter and Triathlon Club in the summer

* Coach Education for British Triathlon - Tutor for L1 and L2 coaching courses

* individual athletes from Sprint to Ironman and from 5k to Marathons

* individual athletes focussing on either swim, bike or run

* competing myself from local events to international events as part of the Great Britain Age-Group team (currently 4 European events and 1 World Champs)

Who am I ........?

I’ve always enjoyed my sport, from playing University hockey to exercising regularly in and out of the gym. Fifteen years ago I decided to broaden my horizons and have a go at Triathlon which required me to start swimming properly, cycling from scratch and running for more than a sprint up a hockey pitch. It was a tough race, in the sea at Brighton, but I finished it and fell in love with the sport of Triathlon. Early on I also took a strange liking to running and particularly cross-country (a shock to the system when I think back , not so lovingly, to my school cross-country days!). I completed a few more Triathlons then focussed on running for a while.

Several years on and a lot of hard work and miles under my belt, I had completed 3 Marathons about 15 Half-Marathons and all the local 10ks. However en route I had also picked up almost every running injury possible. I knew there had to be a better way and started investigating running techniques ( which in retrospect I recognise as being back to front. It would have made far more sense to investigate technique before I started running!) I was immediately drawn to midfoot running and found a few variations on pretty much the same principles - Pose, Chi, Natural Running. So 8 years ago I ditched my ubiquitous off-the-shelf orthotics and my stacked running shoes and moved to minimal shoes that enhanced a midfoot loading pattern, and I’ve never looked back. I am now a faster, more efficient and healthier runner (despite being much older).Newton

With so many running challenges completed I decided to turn my attention back to Triathlon though this time with a proper road bike, my new and improved running technique and an improved swimming technique. I found that I was quite good at Triathlon and a few years on I have represented GB in the Age-Group Sprint European Championships 2012, 2013 and 2014 while my biggest achievement to date was getting through a challenging qualification process to compete at the World Championships which were held in September 2013 in Hyde Park.

For a change 2014 was focussed on some big bike riding which included The Dragon - 235k through the Brecon Beacons, alongside some Triathlon racing for fun. 2015 was a mixed year due to a big bike accident (blame the potholes and a blow-out) which resulted in a badly broken arm. Thankfully 2 operations and lots of titanium plating later I am back to normal, culminating in an obstacle Marathon which included up and down Mount Snowdon (plus one other mountain), abseiling and swimming in the summer of 2016.

As I've got older I've become more and more passionate about training smarter not harder and above all practising sport with good technique and form. I had to have minor back surgery about 20 years ago and although I will never know the cause of my ruptured disc I believe that the attitude at the time of 'no pain, no gain' combined with the lack of knowledge of the importance of core strength and ' robustness' ( being conditioned enough to withstand the demands of the training for your sport) contributed to my problem. (Hindsight is a wonderful thing.) My back is, and always will be, a work in progress but it so much happier when I keep up my routine of training combined with a couple of functional strength/core conditioning workouts every week.

I am continually increasing my knowledge base to benefit my clients and myself. My work certainly gets me out and about and is very varied with my athletes ranging in age from 8 - 66:

* I coach adults twice a week at two Triathlon clubs as well as individual athletes on a 1-1 basis and my background as a teacher prepares me well for the clubs I run in 2 local schools.

*Having attended a SwimSmooth Coach Education programme I also coach swimming, following the SwimSmooth methodology, on an individual or small group basis.

* I am a L4 Master Personal Trainer and CHEK Core Conditioning Instructor . This adds another dimension to my coaching as I am able to write personalised strength and conditioning programmes specific to an individual's demands which work hand in hand with periodised and progressive training programmes for aerobic events or competitions, eg. running, cycling and triathlon

*I am a partner in another coaching business know as Tri50 where we focus on coaching the more mature athlete! This involves running training days in the UK and warm weather camps abroad.

So whatever your goals I can help you fulfill them. From completing your first event to a PB or internationl AG competition. I know it can be hard, as is anything worthwhile, but you can have a go, improve and achieve your goals whatever they might be. Sometimes you just need a little help.

We need to make time to exercise not find time to exercise.



Sandra Barden, BA, PGCE

BTF L3 Coach

BTF Coach Tutor

IRONMAN Certified Coach

Natural Running Coach

L4 Master Personal Trainer

L4 Lower Back Pain Management

Core Conditioning Trainer (CHEK Institute)











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